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The Modern Music Business Advanced Masterclass Series

New dates TBA

An 8 Week Comprehensive Course on the Modern Music Industry

Presented by Unbound By Sound and Music Tip Tuesday


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The Advanced Masterclass Series is an 8 week course presented by Music Industry expert Trey Mills, founder of Unbound By Sound. New dates TBA.

Take a deep dive into everything you want to know and never thought to ask with course material covering how commercial hits are made, streaming, digital distribution, social media, marketing, publishing, copyrights, touring, contracts and everything in between. 

Class 1   Modern Recording & Production [Who does what]

Class 2   Record Deals, Distribution & Enhanced Distribution

Class 3   Streaming & Digital Service Providers [DSPs]

Class 4   Songwriting, Managers, Music Publishing & Licensing

Class 5   Live, Touring & Booking Agents

Class 6   Social Media in the Modern Music Business

Class 7   Business Unit [Copyrights, Where You Make Money, Taxes, Accounting]

Class 8   Marketing, Branding & Building


The Modern Music Business // Advanced Masterclass Series - Full Curriculum

[An 8 Week Comprehensive Course on the Modern Music Industry]


Class One: Modern Recording & Production 

  • Recording Engineers & Mix Engineers

  • Assistant Engineers & Runners

  • Record Producers [Beat-Makers, Sample/Loop Producers, Traditional Music Producers]

  • Mastering Engineers

  • Arrangers, Session Musicians & the AFM

  • From Demo to Master Recording

  • The Recording Budget

*This class provides foundational information for the following classes

Class Two: Record Deals, Distributors & Enhanced Distribution 

  • Signing a Record Deal & Working with the Label

  • When to Sign a Deal, and Why Labels Still Matter

  • Choosing the Label

  • Types of Deals [Traditional Record Deals, 360 Deals, Production Deals, Enhanced Distribution, Joint Venture Deals]

  • Deal Points / Advances

  • Record Company Departments [Artist Development, A&R, Marketing & Promo]

  • Artist Development

  • The Attorney’s Role


Class Three: Streaming & Digital Service Providers [DSPs]

  • DIY Distribution for the Independent Artist

  • Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Pandora, Google Play & YouTube etc.

  • Choosing your Digital Team

  • Curators 

  • Distributors & Features


Class Four: Songwriting, Managers, Music Publishing & Licensing

  • How to get into Songwriting professionally

  • The role of a Music Publisher

  • Types of Publishing deals 

  • The role of the Manager

  • Film, TV and Sync 

Class Five: Live, Touring & Booking Agents

  • Agents: We Sell Your Show

  • Working with an Agent vs. Going It Alone

  • The Buyers: Club Owners, Promoters, Event Organizers

  • Putting together a plan

  • How to book shows & tours

  • Press Kits

  • Offers, Contracts & Deals

  • Visa’s for the US & International 

  • Budgets [Categories and Subcategories]

  • Creating a show 

  • Headlining vs Support

  • Crew [Tour, Road, Production & Stage managers, Sound, Audio, Riggers & backline] 

  • Merchandise

Class Six: Social Media in the Modern Music Business

  • YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Musicall-y, SnapChat

  • Email / Newsletters / Web 

Class Seven: Business Unit

  • Setting up the Business

  • Putting the Team Together

  • Copyright

  • Where you make your money 

  • How you get paid 

  • Taxes & Accounting


Class Eight: Marketing, Branding & Building

  • Building Audience Campaign Plans 

  • Who Is the Audience

  • Examine the Data

  • Crafting the Story

  • Positioning the Artist

  • Creating Demand

  • Brand development

  • Music Conferences


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